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Four Corners Guides, owned by renown bikerafter and co-author of The Bikeraft Guide, Steve “Doom” Fassbinder, and Lizzy Scully, runs 2- to 5-day bikerafting courses spring-fall in the Southwest (Utah and Colorado). 

With 50+ years collective experience in backcountry adventures and almost as much working in the outdoor industry, Doom and Lizzy know what it takes to live and play in the world’s wildest areas. Out of a desire to share our passion with others, we created Four Corners Guides. And out of a love for pairing bicycles and packrafts, we wrote The Bikeraft Guide.




Learn packrafting and bikepacking skills and then how to put the two together for a successful river bikerafting adventure with other women!

Women learn differently from men. “Whether you call it ‘girl power’ or ‘feminine energy,’” says Jule Harle of Alaska Packrafting School, ladies have a different learning style. And women’s courses can offer a distinct environment where they can talk through concepts and issues more thoroughly than might happen in a mixed class or class with just men.

There’s a part of the brain that’s twice as big in a female that processes new experiences or manages fear through talking,” Jule says.

This 4-day course will take place on the Animas River and Dolores River. Day 1 of this trip will be a packraft training day, so you can learn basic paddling skills. This will be followed by a 3-day adventure.

Learn packrafting and bikepacking skills and then how to put the two together for a successful bikerafting adventure on McPhee Reservoir and in the San Juan National Forest. On this fun course, you’ll have plenty of time for swimming and exploring the stunning coves, rock walls, cliff jumps and campsites we stay at.

Our goal is to teach you the skills you need to embark on bigger, better cycling and packrafting adventures. So you’ll learn how to lash your bike to your boat, pack your boat on your bike and more. And you’ll ride plenty of single and double track over three days. The standard course is 40 miles of riding and seven miles of paddling. But it can be modified with less mileage for less-experienced cyclists. This multi-day adventure is prefect for beginners, though you must have some bike riding skills. No boating skills required. 

Have you ever wanted to try something totally unique and unlike anything your friends have ever done? If so, try pairing packrafts and bicycles. What? No it really works! Roll up that packraft tight and put it on your handlebars. And then ride 3, 10, 20 (the sky’s the limit) miles to your nearest river. Take that boat off your bike, blow it up, take your bike apart and lash it to your boat. And then head down that river! It’s as easy as that. Well sort of. It helps to have experience with the transitions and navigating a boat with a bike on it. So we’ve got the course for you.

On this beginner/intermediate river bikerafting course, you’ll spend one full day learning packrafting skills on the Animas River. Day 2, you’ll do a micro-bikerafting adventure also on the Animas (on a different section), riding local trails. You’ll then practice your skills on the Colorado River and Lake Powell.


Packraft Maine

“The plan is a simple, we will use packrafts to get out and explore. Whether this will be your first time in a packraft or you have been packrafting for years we can work together to design a trip that will work well for you… My goal is to share a new way to think about and practice outdoor recreation. Rather than valuing remoteness, danger and challenge, the focus is on first finding delight, connection with others, and wildness close to home. In the hopes that when we do head off further afield we will find even more adventure.” ~Alejandro Strong, Owner

Packrafting Maine does not have any specific courses scheduled, but you can schedule a private bikerafting course anytime. Trips can be a few hours or multi- night. You can focus on a variety of courses, from Intro to Bikerafting to Whitewater Bikerafting.

To register for a course, visit their website. Or email Alejandro.


You may also take bikerafting courses with Backcountry Scot in Scotland and Rowild in the Valencia region of Spain. Stay tuned for more information on these businesses. If you offer bikerafting courses, and you are not listed here, please email us. We would love to get your listings up on the website!