The Pusher - a Bikeraft & Bike Pushing Photo & Video Collage

Your Community Bikeraft Guide

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Be Inspired – The Pirates of Bikerafting

Follow the tall tales & wild adventure stories written by the people who define the sport: Doom, Huw Oliver, Bjorn Olson, Kim McNett, Brett Davis, Roman Dial, Annie Lloyd-Evans, Deane Parker, Liz Sampey, Eric Parsons, Roman Dial, Jason Magness, Jan Žďánský, Nick Tryon, Andy Toop, Lee Craigie and more!

History – The Annals of Bikerafting

Deep dive into adventure history. We chronicle bikerafting’s oldest missions with photos & interviews, from Roman’s 1st “Hellbiking” missions in the ’80s to the Lost Coast Tours in the ’90s to Doom’s dastardly desert adventures of the ’00s, & beyond.

How-To – Reimagine Your Adventures!

Use the book’s how-to guide & accompanying videos to learn the skills you need for utilizing bikes & boats to discover less-traveled waterways in your own backyard or the wildest, most remote landscapes of the world. Check out our How-To videos on Vimeo and YouTube.

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  1. Kokopelli Packraft in the US
  2. in the US
  3. in Europe
  4. Andy Toop at Backcountry Scot in England

Your Community Bikeraft Guide





Solo Wild Ass Tour - Bikerafting the Navajo Nation
Navajo Nation Bikerafting
Solo Wild Ass Tour - Bikerafting the Navajo Nation
Solo Wild Ass Tour - Bikerafting the Navajo Nation
bike and packraft maintenance workshop
Bikerafting the Animas River
backcountry bike & boat maintenance workshop
Updated Covid-19 Policies & Procedures
Thad Ferrell and Steve Fassbinder bikeraft desert Utah.
The Pusher - a Bikeraft & Bike Pushing Photo & Video Collage
Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park ladies tour
Ladies intro to bikerafting
intro to packrafting on the San Juan River.
Doom bike
One-day intro to bikerafting
about us packrafting
Dylan Kentch paddling across Icy Bay with Mt. Saint Elias in the background. Photo by Eric Parsons, Revelate Designs.
Roman Dial bikerafting Icy Bay
We can't guide the Grand Canyon, but we can equip you will the basic packrafting skills to get you started on your journey to self-supported packraft travel.
Steve's tidy bikeraft kit from his solo trip to Tajikistan.
Rebecca Rusch packrafts near the Bears Ears.
Best Trip Photo, Award, Steve Fassbinder
Ladies Bikerafting and bikepacking Tours
Bikerafting Ashley Carruth
Bikerafting Tours - Advanced Courses
Dirty Devil Bike-Packrafting Tour - Utah
Desert packrafting with Four Corners Guides at Scullbinder Ranch.

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