Cold Case Gear: The Adventure Phone Case

In the 4th in our series of The Bikeraft Guide Unboxing & More videos, we check out a cool new (to Lizzy) product that has changed the way she handles her phone in the backcountry!

How Can You Make Your Phone's Battery Last Longer in the Backcountry? Cold Case Phone Protector.

Video & story by Four Corners Guides Packrafting & Bikerafting guide service owner, Lizzy Scully. Photos by Steve Fassbinder.

Pagosa Springs-based Jon and Deirdre Rosenberg want you to protect yourself by protecting your phone. In 2017 they developed this incredibly cool, lightweight, one-of-a-kind product that extends the life of your phone’s battery by keeping its temps regulated, not to mention completely dry even when totally submerged in water.

I’ve never used a product like it, and I love it so far. I’ve taken it packrafting and bikerafting, dragged it in the water behind my packraft, tossed it around my boat on it’s Quick Clip Security System (carabiners and extendable coil leash), dropped it on the sandstone repeatedly (oops), and stuffed it in my handlebar bags in 95-degree heat.

So what was most obvious about it? My phone’s batteries lasted significantly longer than they ever have before. For a few-day trip I’ll never bring a battery pack again. I just took my rather annoying large iPhone 14 out when I wanted to catch some quick clips or get a photo. What else? Like I said, I threw it in the water purposefully, so fully did I trust Jon’s assurances that no water would penetrate the bag. It works!

So let’s check this thing out together in the Unboxing & More video below! These are the highlights.

  • Battery Protection
  • Your phone won’t get zapped by the sun or drained in the cold.
  • Waterproof
  • Submersible to 7 feet for 30 minutes.
  • Plus it floats!
  • Physical Protection for your phone

Video Transcription


Hello, my name is Lizzy Scully, and this is the fourth edition of our The Bikeraft Guide Unboxing & More video series. We’ll take a first look at things, but we’re also reviewing things when we have the items for long enough and using them in the field and showing you how to use them at times.

We are unboxing a couple Cold Case Gear phone protectors today.  It’s a unique phone protector, not like the one you probably have on your phone right now. This one is like an adventure phone protector. So it comes with a quick clip security system. I’m sorry, I don’t have one. A carabiner clips here. And then there’s another caribiner that clips to your boat or whatever you’re wearing. And an extendable coil leash that can go from a foot to 16 inches.

It’s Strong, It Floats, and It’s Convenient (01:58)

It’s very strong. Of course, when you’re in a boat, in a whitewater situation, you don’t want to have non locking carabiners anywhere, but you can just leave it in your bow bag. But when you’re on flat water, like we were on our bikerafting trip, it was very convenient for me to take my phone out to take video whenever I wanted to.

So the coolest thing I noticed about this case, aside from the fact that it’s waterproof and it floats and I can carry it on my boat and get really cool video, is that it protects from both heat and cold. I, of course, did not use it in really frigid temperatures. But we did bike back at the end, the second day of our trip in the high nineties, and my phone actually still had battery life when I got back to my car.

The Bomproof Adventure Phone Case (02:37)

Generally after a two or three day trip. I have no battery life at the end of that trip, but my Cold Case adventure phone case kept that heat in the cold from draining the energy away. So I kept it in this case at night as well. And it did get down to the thirties at night. We camped up at around 8,000 feet. It kept my phone both warm and cool no matter the temperature.

So there’s lots of really cool things about this case. A couple other things. It’s submersible up to seven feet for up to 30 minutes. That’s pretty wild. I did not test that with my phone. I have lost phones in the river before, so I don’t think I’ll ever lose one again. It floats, which I love. Basically it’s indestructible adventure phone case. It also keeps out dust, sand, and salt and other grit and water.

One-Of-A-Kind Product (03:20)

This is a super lightweight one of a kind product that I think every boater would benefit from having. Whether you’re a big boat on the Grand Canyon or a packrafter or a kayaker, it will extend your battery life and it will prevent your phone from getting wet or too cold or too hot.

I think it’s also great for bike packing, especially if you are a desert dweller or you like winter bike packing or winter cycling because this phone case will maintain, I don’t even know what temperature it’ll maintain. But it’ll keep your phone from getting too hot or too cold.

So second item we’re going to look at that they offer is the Clear Water Case. This is another waterproof case. Obviously this does not have the same temperature regulation capacity, nor does it float, at least it doesn’t look like it would.

The Other Phone “Case” (04:08)

However, it will keep your phone dry if you are packrafting or bikerafting. It’s pretty cool. It’s got that same magnetic closure. It’s like not only does it close at the top, but it folds over like a dry bag. It is waterproof to a hundred feet. Wow. It has an IP X eight waterproof magnetic closure. It has a welded TPU outer shell.

Well, it has clear touch technology, which allows you to use the phone through the case. So sweet. So you don’t even have to take it out if you want to take photos, which is really cool. So in some cases, this actually might make more sense for a bikerafting trip, maybe when the temperatures are somewhat in the sixties, seventies, eighties. But if the temps get to the nineties or the temps get down to the thirties, this is probably a better option for you.

This comes with another little lanyard type thing, which looks like, oh, cool, pretty easy to put on here. Goes something like this. Oh yeah, look at that. So it goes like this.

How the Clear Case Works (05:16)

And then can take, oh yeah, cool. You can take the little snap off, make it a little easier. Then I just made it. Put it on the other side so then you can just carry it around your neck. But that’s pretty cool.

So you can, even if you’re bike rafting, you can just be going out and paddling, paddling, paddling. This will stay totally dry and then you can just pick it up like that and start your video.

The owners of this company are John and Deirdre Rosenberg at, based out of Pagosa Springs in 2017, they developed this super cool little product and they’ve been dragging it behind their boats ever since.

Thanks so much for joining us for our fourth and very short edition of The Bikeraft Guide Unboxing. And yeah, we’ll see you next time. If you have any ideas, thoughts of things that you want us to check out, feel free to send us an email at thebikeraftguide at and we will try to get some of those items and check them out for you. All right, thanks so much.

Submerging The Cold Case Adventure Phone Case (06:17)

New toy. I like my new toy, like it opens, I can open it with one hand. I can have attached to the boat so I can throw it in the water. Let’s try this out. I’m going to put you in here so I can really just throw this in the water. Dry. Let’s, and then we are bikerafting.