This year we got to check out a lot of great gear, which we both reviewed and/or unboxed for The Bikeraft Guide. But we also read about excellent options elsewhere on The Radavist, and from our own gear rooms. This is the stuff we love most and think is perfect for the bikerafters in your life! We’d love to hear more about your favorite bikerafting gear. Comment here, on one of our Holiday Gift Guide Instagram posts or email us!
Must-Have Gear

The Adventure Phone Case

You’ll never bike-packraft (or canoe, paddleboard, etc) without it! Cold Case Gear phone cases are submersible, 100% waterproof and regulate the temps of your phone so the battery lasts longer!
Staff Favorite!

The Ibex Sun Hoodie

We reviewed and ❤ Ibex’s Indie Hoodie. But then we got the Sun Hoodie. Both are durable, comfortable and lightweight. But we’ll take the Sun Hoodie for summertime bikerafting!

Best New Company

True Ultralight Gear

Sockdolager Gear is filling a niche in the packrafting/bikerafting world. And we LOVE their new gear, from their ultralight pogies to their butt bag, which nicely holds water bottles or throw bags.

Affordable 💲💲💲

The Manta Ray Hybrid 4pc

Our go-to has been Aqua Bound’s Whiskey for years. And it is slightly lighter and still super badass. However, AB’s new paddle comes in a close second at half the price. Needless to say, we bought 2!
Staff Favorite!

The Coconino Seat Bag

With their unique “RailWing” stabilizer and low wag, Bedrock Bag’s colorful, well-made seat bags are a big hit with The Bikerafting Guide crew! Gear of the Year
Revelate Designs Nano Panniers

RD’s Updated Nano Panniers

Revelate Designs won’s 2023 “Gear of the Year” Award for their redesigned, water-resistant nano panniers. Steve also reviewed these on YouTube.
Brand New Bikeraft-Specific Boat

The 2nd Bikeraft on the Market

It took awhile for another company to develop a bikeraft. TBG contributor Jeremie Lamart tested Current Raft’s new bikeraft-specific boat this past summer.
Oldie, But Goodie

An Oldie, but Goodie

Though not new, the Caribou remains Best in Class for Bikerafting, says The Radavist. We also love pairing Alpacka’s Classics with bikes. We’ll review it in 2024!
Most Bikeraft-Friendly Company

The Twain-Lite for Bikerafting

One of the most bikeraft-friendly companies, Kokopelli not only makes rafts for the job, but they’ve started developing bikerafting bags. reviewed both the Twain-Lite and Durango Bike bags.

Most Sustainable

Deliciously Dehydrated

There’s a lot to love about Farm To Summit. They make delicious backcountry meals, using sustainable packaging and buying locally-produced veggies (30% upcycled!)

Affordable 💲💲💲

Beefy, Burly, Big Dry Bags

Though slightly heavy for bikerafting, we included Stikine’s dry bags because they are beefy, roomy, waterproof and, of course, affordable. We like them so much we bought 4 sets for clients to use.

Staff Favorite!

Best Tents+ for Bikepacking

We love everything in Big Agnes’s bikepacking line. So here’s a Copper Spur HV UL2 review, plus a overview of a bunch of BA’s ultralight gear. We’ll do a review soon for bikerafters!