A *New* Bikerafting Film out of New Zealand: Return to Dillon Cone

New Award-Winning Adventure Film Out of New Zealand Features Bikes & Packrafts

In 2017 a team of five adventurers set out on an attempt to carry mountain bikes strapped to packrafts in the Marlborough region of New Zealand. Their plan? To paddle Class III through the jagged gorge of the Clarence River (aka Waiau-toa). And to access an unridden big mountain line on the imposing Dillon Cone.

Though they failed, they documented in the Waiau-toa Odyssey. And this film and that adventure inspired a movement in New Zealand. This small group of bikerafters proceeded to embark on numerous additional expeditions, documenting them in films like Fluid Trails and Forgotten Highways. And, they vowed to return to complete their original mission.

So five years on, with Rose Green joining the original team of Deane Parker, Damian Stones and Sam ’Muel’ Jones, they gave the route a second go. This film documents their successful adventure.

Watch out for your opportunity to watch Return to Dillon Cone on a big screen as part of the Big Bike Film Night tour of New Zealand and Australia.

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