Current Raft Offers a Bikerafting-Specific Packraft

“The sport of bikerafting is growing and evolving, if not at a breakneck speed, at a steady pace. In the two short years since we’ve published the first and second editions of and sold 3000 copies of The Bikeraft Guide, our comprehensive how-to, stories about and history of bikerafting tome, more people have paired bikes and boats or want to pair bikes and boats. This has resulted in a few other companies joining Alpacka in creating bikerafting-specific products. Stikine packrafts launched a bow protector in 2022, Kokopell just launched waterproof bike bags (review coming soon!) to complement their bikerafting-friendly boats, and now Current Raft has a Bikerafting-specific boat.” ~The Radavist (article on the state of bikerafting to be published July 2023)
current raft bikeraft
current raft bikeraft

Current Raft Introduces Another Packraft to the Market Specifically Designed for Pairing with Bikes

Review & photos by Jeremie Lamart
Current Raft is a packraft company based in Germany. Though passionate about packrafting applications in whitewater, Current Raft owners, Tim and Lisa, recently designed a model specific for bikerafting.
“With the Bikeraft we wanted to create a packraft that would not only be great for carrying bikes, but that could also cover bigger distances with less effort!” Tim explains. “By stretching the stern and waterline, using a different tube diameter than other load carrying bikes and giving it a tapered shape we achieved a fast, stable and light design, that will do great on any water (up to WW2+) with a bike on top.”


The boat has a simple construction and a design that has proven its effectiveness over the past decade. Its width and length give it perfect stability. It is possible to equip the boat with a skeg to maintain a straight line on flat water. In my opinion, it is not necessary, and will not increase the speed of the boat.

I love the simple design. Why make things complicated when you don’t have to. It’s like naming your dog, “Dog.” No problem, in my opinion.

As mentioned earlier, this boat is built on a similar base as the traditional Alpacka Classic. However, several elements have been modified to accommodate a bike more easily. Firstly, the overall length of the boat is extremely generous at 245 cm, allowing not only for transporting a bike but also for accommodating “Dog,” given this said dog is medium sized (also works with “Kid”).

current raft bikeraft
current raft bikeraft

Tzip or no Tzip?


The version I tested was not equipped with a Tzip, which, in my opinion, is an essential option for any trip longer than a day, and therefore, I recommend it.

The boat is equipped with handles at the front and rear, which provide additional anchoring for securing the bike but become unnecessary for transporting the boat. Nevertheless, I appreciate this option as it facilitates the transport of a loaded boat.

Design & Price

Why It's Good for Bikerafting

From a design perspective, the boat has the front of a classic packraft, rather than the platform bow that brands like Alpacka Raft have opted for, which, to my knowledge, is the only brand, along with Current Raft now, to have a packraft specifically designed for bikerafting. One might wonder what makes a packraft like this a good option for bikerafting.

The Current Raft Bikeraft is a solid and very affordable option (800 euros/$873 with Tzip) for anyone wanting to try bikerafting.

First, its weight. Indeed, the complete boat weighs less than 3 kilograms (7lbs), which is a definite advantage. Second, the compressibility of the boat is perfect for its application. The tubes are made of 210D nylon, which is suitable for this type of boat.

The boat’s construction is of good quality; Current Raft packrafts are designed in Germany and manufactured in Asia, but the quality of Asian manufacturing has improved significantly in recent years.


The Current Raft Bikeraft In sum

current raft bikeraft

While the old adage that says any bike is bikepacking bike is true and can also be applied to packrafts (I have gone on trips with a fatbike on my Alpackalypse), having a packraft specifically designed for this purpose is not a disadvantage. Moreover, the Current Bikeraft has a much broader range of applications than just bikerafting and could be an ideal packraft for any type of exploration.

The sport of bikerafting is developing relatively slowly, though the interest in the practice is rapidly increasing (based on recent evidence gleaned from a large survey The Bikeraft Guide did April 2023 to be published in The Radavist in late July). Thus it’s no surprise that companies are developing more bikerafting-specific equipment.
Congratulations to Current Raft for committing to the development of packrafting and its diverse applications by offering this model.

From The Current Raft Website:

Dimensions (sorted by length)
  • Outer length:  245cm 
  • Inner length:  145cm
  • Outer width: 93cm
  • Inner width: 41cm
  • Tube diameter:  26cm
  • Max capacity:  180kg 
  • Packing size (ca.): 17l
  • Packraft 210D tubes/840D floor: 2500g 
  • (including valve and fixing loops)
  • Back band: 105g
    Seat: 200g 
  • Inflation bag: 140g
  • Sprayskirt (optional): 450g
  • TZIP (optional) 150g
  • Carry bag (optional): 300g
  • Skeg (optional): 130g
  • Bowbag (optional): 450g
  • Tubes:  210D TPU Nylon (0,32mm) with urethan coating 
  • Floor: 840D TPU Nylon (0,65mm  with urethan coating 
  • Seams:  840D TPU Nylon 
  • Inflation valve: multi-functional check valve made of PVC
  • Packrafts are thermally welded and the tubes are sewn and seam-belt welded.
  • Handle at stern (not with TZIP models) 
  • Handle at bow
  • 6 loop fixings stern
  • 4 loop fixings bow

The Current Raft Bikeraft was designed in collaboration with bikeraft experts and is precisely tailored to the needs of bikerafting. Many other Packrafts with the focus of a high payload rely on wide tubes, which is unfortunately at the expense of speed and handling.

Our Current-Raft Bikeraft, on the other hand, does without wide tubes thanks to its well thought-out shape, and thus remains fast, true to track and pleasant to paddle. Thanks to the adapted bow and stern shape, long waterline, high inner width and an optimized seating position, it offers a lot of load, comfort and stability, ideal for longer tours by bike. Playfully, it allows you to cover longer distances and then ride your bike back.
The length is chosen so that even larger bicycles do not interfere with the paddling movement and the
extra large inner width of 41cm offers not only comfort, but also more room for a safe exit in the event of a capsize with the bike at the bow. In addition, many larger paddlers appreciate the extra centimeters in the interior of the Bikeraft for a good fit in length and width.