The Pusher – A Bikeraft Photo & Film Gallery

Bikerafting & Bike Pushing

Story & photos by Steve Fassbinder, originally published December 2103

I hereby dedicate this post to “the pushers,” literally, figuratively, and otherwise. Because, it’s the pushers that do the work, and it is they who push the limits of possibility. The pusher can equally steer you toward greatness, and prod you toward demise. Loved and hated in the same breath, the pusher can be your inner angel, or the devil within. Who, what, where is your pusher? Or are you one of them…………..

So after six months now I finally got around to cutting some video from the Wild Ass Tour. Pretty much said screw the whole story and just stitched some fun bike fighting segments together with a classic anthem. Hope you can find some humor in it. And make sure you ask Jon Bailey for a packrafting lesson next time you see him!

the pusher from The Republic of Doom on Vimeo.